Development of a portable 3D measuring instrument

Within the framework of this ZIM-project a portable optical 3D-measuring system will be developed, which uses single-shot hyperspectral imaging beyond topographic information to provide the same detector area for the acquisition of spectroscopic data. Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences is making a major contribution by investigating the feasibility of a chemometric model on industrially relevant samples, namely titanium nitride coated drill heads. These drill heads are subject to constantly increasing technical demands in their application, the service life of these wear products used under extreme conditions is to be improved, and failure through replacement is to be reduced. Often it is no longer sufficient to know only the topography of the surface. Especially the chemical condition of the surface plays an increasingly decisive role. The homogeneity and quality of the coatings play a decisive role in the longevity of the drill heads. The 3D measuring system will output an enormous amount of spectral data, which can only be effectively handled by multivariate data analysis.