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IBH Living Lab "Active & Assisted Living": Individual project 3: Home Health Living Lab


As part of the IBH Living Lab AAL, the individual project 3 (EP3) - Home Health Living Lab - aims to develop a guideline for sustainable home health services. This goal is achieved in four phases, each of which defines intermediate goals: The first phase aims to identify barriers and work out a requirements analysis. The aim of the second phase is to create the concept for the HHLLs and, in parallel, to identify test apartments. The third phase aims to implement a prototype technical implementation and to evaluate the operation in the test apartments. The final phase aims to refine the operation according to the first results, to evaluate it again in practice and to derive the sustainable concept.

Project Period

01.03.18 - 31.10.2020

Contact Person HS Reutlingen

Prof. Martínez